KCM Social Media Wing is the online promoters and the voice of Kerala Congress party , in Social Media plat-forms . In 2016 Party Chairman , KM Mani sir has decided to form a social media platform to coordinate all the party members across the world . Party chairman Mani Sir appointed Sri Jayakrishnana Puthyedath , State Committee member of Kerala Congress [M] as the coordinator of the Social Media Wing . Social Media wing is now KCM IT Wing and its director is Advocate Alex Kozhimala, one of the senior General Secratary of Kerala Congress [M].

 IT Wing Core Team:

KM Mani Sir-Founder
Jose K Mani-Chairman
Thomas Chazhikadan MP
Roshy Augastine MLA
N Jayaraj MLA
Sunny Abraham- Pravasi KCM Leader and coordinator of KCM Media Wing
Jayakrishnan Puthiyedathu-Social Media Coordinator and Organisor of KCM IT Wing.
Stephen George Ex MLA Office Charge General Secratry KCM
Adv Alex Kozhimala -In Charge General Secratary of Social Media Wing and the director of KCM IT Wing.