Party Leader-KM Mani


Chairman-KM Mani MLA

KM Mani is the Chairman and the Leader of  Kerala Congress[M], one of the main factions of the Kerala Congress, a party born in Central Travancore or Central South Kerala region focusing on the interest of Kerala farmers and Labor Class. He holds the records of having presented the maximum number of budgets (thirteen) in the Kerala Legislative Assembly as Finance Minister and also as the longest-serving member of Kerala Assembly. He holds the distinction of being the longest-serving minister in the Government of Kerala and having continuously represented Pala legislative constituency since its inception in 1964. His initiative of Karunya Lottery Benovelent Scheme claims financial help of Rs. 1400 crores for nearly one lakh fifty thousand poor patients. He introduced pension for farmers and widows in Kerala. His Theory of the Toiling Class was presented in the British Parliament.KM Mani also introduced in his last term as the minister a subsidy scheme for Rubber Farmers in Kerala, where in all the farmers gets a minimum of Rs 150 /KG for a first quality rubber sheet. This really helped the poor farmers of Kerala.KM Mani sir Expired on April 9th 2019